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IC off the Record


NSA SIGADS slides from Petrobras video - yachtshop, orangecrush, shiftingshadow, monkeyrocket, blarney, madcapocelot, and stormbrew


Analysis:   Slides about NSA's Upstream collection


Flying pig screen showing server ip queries


GCHQ flying pig system screen


Flying pig screen showing metadata


Screenshot of GCHQ Flying Pig TLS/SSL Knowledge Base query - Quickant tor events


Analysis:   FLYING PIG: GCHQs TLS/SSL knowledge base


Private networks - some traffic in blackpearl have one private endpoint


Prism slide - FAA 702 operations


GCHQ flying pig search screen




Profiling SSL and attributing private networks - GCHQ


NSA SSO slide showing man in the middle attack - Google


Slide showing GCHQ results which can be verified using Kerberos


Special Source Operations (SSO) data flow: Target data from cable taps and cloud services routed through Blarney, Prism, Fairview, Stormbrew, Oakstar, Turmoil, Xkeyscore, Pinwale


US-3273 Silverzephyr SIGAD slide - Steelknight partner and operates under transit authority


Blarney system slide showing external customers, information requirements, partnerships, collection accesses and techniques, and legal authorities


NSA shifting shadow logo



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